Our server pilot control panel installs and configures Postfix so that your scripts can send email from your server. However, we do not manage mail servers for hosting your domains' email.

If you need to host email for your domains, you can either use a mail hosting service or purchase and run your own seperate mail servers (not managed by us) .

Providing professional, reliable mail hosting is difficult or impossible using existing mail management control panels. We recommend using a 3rd-party mail hosting provider rather than running your own mail servers.

3rd-Party Mail Hosting Providers

A 3rd-party mail hosting provider handles all aspects of your domain's email. You point your domain's MX records to their mail servers so that mail sent to your domain goes directl to their servers. They provide spam filtering and webmail. They also provide POP and IMAP access to your mail as well as SMTP servers that can be configured with local email clients like Outlook.