When you want to upload and install a wordpress backup or any Content Management System to your server, you need to first download the files to your desktop as a .zip, .tar or .tar.gz archive. If you first unpack this archive into a folder on your PC and then upload it via FTP, the upload can last 30-60 minutes for a large CMS such as Joomla, wordpress, megento or other cms.

If you have SSH access , you can upload archived files (.zip, .tar or .tar.gz files) via SFTP, login to your server with SSH Client progarm Putty and then unpack the archive on the server ? this whole process only takes a matter of seconds.

Please Note: Using SSH requires knowledge of UNIX commands and is only advised for experienced users.

Firstly, upload the archive via SFTP. In this example we will upload it into a directory called apps/cloudrive that we first created using our SFTP Client program CoreFTP.

To start a secure shell (SSH) session, you need an SSH client. Windows users can install a free client called Putty, whilst Mac OS X users already have the Terminal built in - look in Applications > Utilities.

Using Putty:

Under "Host Name" enter: your server ip address Ensure SSH is the selected protocol, using port 22 and click on "Open" putty configuration