An email approval process is the most common domain validation method for a certificate. It is required for domain-validated certificates.

This process validates the domain is registered and someone with administrator rights on the domain is aware of and approves the certificate request.

The email approval process consists of three steps:

  1. When you purchase a certificate, you select an email recipient called approver email.
  2. The Certificate Authority sends an approval email to the approver email with an unique link to approve the certificate and validate your domain ownership.
  3. You click on the link to validate and approve the certificate. At this point, the certificate is validated and the authority will generate it.

Disable Whois Privacy Protection

Whois Privacy Protection services are known to interfere with the delivery of the approval email. Be sure to temporarily disable the Whois Privacy feature or any another privacy protection service until the certificate is issued.

The approval email typically can be sent to the following addresses:

  • yourname@gmail.com
  • admin@example.com
  • administrator@example.com
  • hostmaster@example.com
  • postmaster@example.com
  • webmaster@example.com