Domain Validated SSL Certificates

Domain-level validation is the most basic type of SSL. These certificates provide basic encryption, are issued very quickly and involve a simple check to verify domain ownership. Domain-validated certificates are generally the least expensive.

This SSL Certificate validates the domain is registered and someone with admin rights is aware of and approves the certificate request. The validation process is normally performed via email or DNS. The owner is requested to prove admin right by receiving and confirming an email sent to an administrative email for the domain, or by configuring some specific DNS records for the domain.

The order normally takes from a few minutes to a few hours. If the certificate is valid and signed by a trusted authority, the browsers indicate a successfully secured HTTPS connection.

Organization Validated SSL Certificates

This certificates include authentication of the business or organization behind the domain. This provides a higher level of security and lets customers know they can trust your server with their personal information.

It also (OV certificate) validates the domain ownership, plus organization information included in the certificate such as name, city, state and country. The validation process is similar to the domain validated certificate, but it requires additional documentation to certify the company identity.

The order can take from a few hours to a few days, due to the company validation process. The Organization Validated SSL Certificates display the company information in the certificate details.

Extended Validation SSL Certificates

Extended validation is top of the line. With extended validation, the certifying authority conducts a very in-depth examination of your business before issuing the certificate. This type of SSL provides the highest degree of security and user trust.

The validation requires documentation to certify the company identity plus a set of additional steps and checks. The order can take from a few days to a few weeks, due to the extended validation process. The Extended Validation SSL Certificates are generally identified with a green address bar in the browser containing the company name.